About Our Services

Nevada Cultural Competency training services are created to educate healthcare providers, bolstering knowledge of varied topics of cultural competency. Our courses are interactive, comprehensive, and developed by knowledgeable public health professionals. 

Nevada Cultural Competency Self-Paced Training

***Under development***

Our Self-Paced Nevada Cultural Competency Training will be an alternative opportunity to our live training.  The course will be available for completion within 30 days of registration and include diverse, holistic, course materials by our dedicated development team.

Train-the-Trainer Program

Our Train-the-Trainer program is a cost-effective and time conducive alternative to our open enrollment option. Health facilities will be able to annually license our copyrighted materials. Train-the-Trainer trainees will build knowledge and skill sets to ensure relevance to their organization when presenting the cultural competency training. Additionally,  The Train-the-Trainer program is available for completion over 60 days. 

We recommend this option for facilities with 60 or more employees.

Nevada Cultural Competency Objectives

Through our services, we advocate for the following best practices:

  • Deploy best practice approaches towards providing quality care for all groups to ensure that all individuals have access to culturally and linguistically appropriate care in a timely manner.

  • Mitigate personal barriers to cultural competency and be able to reflect and adapt purposeful patient interactions.

  • Address health inequities and barriers to care found in different groups to improve patient care outcomes. Implement identity and intersectionality as a means of understanding others to improve quality of care.

  • Describe the difference between conscious and unconscious biases and understand how they can lead to poor health outcomes for patients.

  • Understand cultural competency, awareness, and humility and the applicability of these concepts to the medical facilities, facilities for the dependent, and other facilities defined in NRS 449.103

  • Establish or bolster welcoming and safe environments within their respective facilities.

  • Understand assumptions and myths with regard to various concepts detailed in the presentation.

  • Be able to identify these issues in the healthcare setting and mitigate these issues.

We work hard to provide a high-quality training that is offered in a convenient format for as many providers and health facility staff as possible. If you have questions, please contact us at info@nvculturalcompetency.com